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Pool Demolition Backfill: Importance of Clean Dirt and Removal of Debris

In this episode, let's come back and talk about the backfill material with engineers James and Helen from Vigorous W.

The importance of clean dirt and the removal of debris cannot be overstated when it comes to pool demolition and backfilling. It is crucial to use clean dirt as fill material and to remove any debris, rocks, and rebar during the pool demolition process. This will help to ensure that the ground is stable and that the new pool foundation is secure.  Clean dirt is the best option for backfilling as it does not contain any foreign materials that can affect the stability of the ground.

During the pool demolition process, it is important to remove all debris, including rocks and rebar. These materials can cause issues with the stability of the ground and can even damage the pool's foundation. Removing these materials with a dumpster will help to ensure that the fill material is clean and free of any foreign objects.

When considering pool demolition, cost is an important factor to keep in mind. The total cost of pool demolition can vary depending on several different factors.

One cost consideration is the bin size required for disposal. Concrete and other materials from the pool will need to be disposed of in bins, and the size of the bin will affect the cost. Most bins used for concrete are ten yards in size, which may not be enough to hold all of the concrete. Additionally, lumber and other materials will need to be disposed of in separate bins, which can add to the cost.

"The bins to take everything away. That’s when the cost comes in. Because you don’t know how much bins you can fill up. And most bins you can use for the concrete are like ten yards. So they are really small and long. But they don’t cover a lot of concrete that you put in there." – Engineer James from Vigorous W

Another thing to consider is when hiring a contractor for pool demolition, it's important to clarify the pricing structure. Some contractors may charge a lump sum price, while others may charge by the number of bins used for disposal. If the contractor is unsure of the number of bins required, they may charge by the bin, which can lead to unexpected costs. It's important to carefully consider the pricing structure and clarify any uncertainties before starting the demolition process.

 "When the contractor comes in and says, I am taking out the trash. Most of the time they will say, it’s a complete lump sum price. But sometimes they will say well I am not sure how much, so I will charge you by the number of bins you will end up using. So, this is when you have to be careful." – Engineer Helen from Vigorous W

In summary, below are three things to consider while thinking about costs.

Tip #1 - What is the bin size?

Tip #2 - How much it can carry?

Tip #3 - Is there a weight limit?

Ultimately, understanding the bin size and disposal fee is crucial for managing the cost of pool demolition. By working with a reputable contractor and clarifying the pricing structure upfront, you can ensure that your pool demolition project stays within budget.

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