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Vigorous W visited the Inno Metal Studs, a light gauge steel construction company

On October 28, the Vigorous W development delegation visited Inno metal studs. Inno Corporation is a Texas-based startup founded in 2019 with a focus on light gauge steel and cold-formed steel construction. Our delegation visited Inno's offices and workshops in Los Angeles to study the the application of its light gauge steel related products in the California construction industry.

Our delegation also explored with Inno the feasibility of using light gauge steel in our upcoming projects. Light gauge steel and prefabricated houses have the possibility of saving labor and improving efficiency for our projects. The projects completed by Inno Company also show that this technology can pass the City inspection without obstacles.

Vigorous W will continue to pay attention to the development of light gauge steel construction and prefabricated houses and to look for the most suitable partners in North America and around the world; we believe we can use technology to promote the further development of our company, and build high-quality houses for our customers.

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